2019 CLCT Week

From May 19 to May 24, 2019, CLCT hosted a week-long series of events to educate courtroom professionals on the future of technology for the administration of justice. This year’s events were a resounding success, with exciting agendas featuring top speakers from the U.S. and abroad, as well as vibrant discussions between the judges, clerks, administrators, technologists, and other court personnel in attendance. Read more about this year’s highlights below, featuring testimonials from this year’s attendees!

Innovating with Court Affiliates – Law, AI, & New Technologies

The week began with the Court Affiliates Pre-Conference, which explored legal challenges brought about by several emerging technologies—including artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and Blockchain—and encouraged courts to prepare for this wave of advancements. Designed as an interactive workshop, the Pre-Conference provided courts with opportunities to ask questions and take the time to consider applications of technologies that have yet to be litigated in courtrooms.

2020: A Courthouse Odyssey – Collaborating on the Future of Court Technology

Next was CLCT’s signature Court Affiliates Conference. Tying into the Pre-Conference, this year’s theme looked to the future—challenging courts to work together and think through how technology will affect courthouses over the next ten years. Over two days, the Conference featured speakers and presentations described by attendees as “deeply insightful and informative.” Following each speaker was a group discussion, where court personnel were able to voice the unique outlooks of their role within the courts. From these dynamic exchanges, court representatives were also able to hear “what other courts were doing” and “take home ideas” for their own courthouses. Finally, diving even deeper into the subject matter, the Conference featured a series of breakout sessions, led by CLCT’s Director Fred Lederer and Deputy Director Emeritus Martin Gruen. Overall, conference attendees walked away with an impression of “other perspectives and challenges in our ever increasingly technology dependent court system.”

Vital Training – Becoming Digital Audio/Video Ready

2019 CLCT Week culminated in the Digital Audio/Video Training Course, which helped prepare court staff at all levels of technical proficiency for the advancement, configuration, maintenance, and control (and more!) of A/V systems. Whether attendees were approaching A/V for the first time, or were back for a refresher and update, our experienced instructors provided a “great overview of almost everything A/V!” One attendee remarked, “I wish I had this course years ago! It filled in some gaps in my ‘learn as you go’ knowledge!”

Save the date!

Next year’s Court Affiliates Conference: June 1-2, 2020

Wish you could have been there? So do we! Be sure your court is registered as a Court Affiliates Member to stay up to date with all our publications, attend exclusive online workshops (which will incorporate the amazing suggestions received during CLCT Week), and receive discounts for next year’s events!

In the meantime, you can review our 2019 CLCT Week event descriptions and agendas below:

Pre-Conference – Law, AI, & New Technologies: What You Need to Know

This one-day workshop, designed for judges and practitioners, precedes the Court Affiliates Conference and kicks off our CLCT Week. It will provide a useful guide to understanding the rapidly emerging legal issues posed by artificial intelligence (AI) and other components of the AI Ecosystem. From the Internet of Things, to smart contracts, to Blockchain, these technologies will effect profound changes in the types of issues courts face. 

 All Court Affiliates are welcome!

 View the full agenda here.

Court Affiliates Conference – 2020: A Courthouse Odyssey

Technology continues to change our lives, and with each passing day it introduces new legal and practical questions courts must answer. How will such technology affect courthouses over the next decade? How should courts use this technology to administer justice as fairly, efficiently, and inexpensively as possible?  To what extent should courts engage in online dispute resolution?  Can this technology be used to better accommodate self-represented litigants?

The 2019 Court Affiliates Conference will discuss these critical questions and seek to better define our needs, issues, and priorities for the next ten years. Highlights of the conference include:

  • An opening keynote address from Gregory Akers, the Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Advanced Security Research & Government (retired)
  • Presentations on court and legal technology in the United Kingdom and South Korea
  • Court Affiliate best practice and protocol presentations
  • Breakout sessions to discuss questions and relevant issues
  • A presentation and discussion on how the Court Affiliates program can help courts and court employees in the next ten years

View the full agenda here.

2019 Digital Audio/Video Training Course

The CLCT Digital Audio/Video Training Program provides participants with an understanding of audio/video systems in reference to the advancement of the digital platform, the requirements for maintaining them, and a foundation for improved communication with vendors and installers.
The course will cover aspects specific to federal, state, and local courts. Highlights of the training include:

  • Analysis of the infrastructure requirements, methods of configuration management, and network management protocols
  • Presentation of the components to a digital audio system and basic acoustic issues prominent in the courtroom environment
  • Addressing the forms of remote communication for witnesses, judges, interpreters and other parties common to the legal platform
  • Discussion of the various components of a control system, operational interface, and how to plan a suitable control system for your court

View the agenda here.

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