2020 Court Affiliates Conference

Courtroom Video: Trials, Tribulations, & Wonders

A Virtual Conference

June 1-2, 2020

Our annual Court Affiliates Conference provides courts and their representatives with an opportunity to connect with colleagues and learn from the insightful, cutting-edge work performed by their peers. The 2020 Conference theme is the use of video communications and evidence in the courtroom.

Conference registration is now open:


Court Affiliates receive a 55% discount. Call to receive your registration code (757)221-2494.

Video as a medium plays an increasingly important role in our courts. Today’s trial evidence often includes previously recorded video content that poses major presentation and court record issues. At the same time, changing societal practices and ever-growing demands on court time and resources push courts, especially for the sake of economy and efficiency, to look towards incorporating video conferencing that would allow witnesses, interpreters, court reporters, counsel, and even judges to remotely attend proceedings. These video conferencing capabilities, increasingly software based, while beneficial, pose their own unique challenges that must be addressed before they can be used most effectively. Please join us for a review of video communications and how courts may best use them today and tomorrow.


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