Innovative Legal Issues Likely to Arise from Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things Writing Competition

Fridges that automatically order items which are about to run out, smart houses which respond to voice commands, self-driving cars, and unmanned planes tackling fires are no longer a thing of the future. Artificial Intelligence (including Machine Learning) and the Internet-of-Things are here, and they are likely to create significant legal issues. The new generation of lawyers will face, conceptualize, unlock and potentially resolve many of these issues which are new, complex and multi-faceted.

Law students enrolled, for the 2017-2018 academic year, in law schools in the USA, Canada and the EU are cordially invited to submit a paper addressing one or more innovative legal issues likely to grow out of Artificial Intelligence or the Internet-of-Things.

The following three cash prizes will be awarded to the three best entries:

  • First place: US $2,500
  • Second place: US $1,500
  • Third place: US $1,000

For further details, including topic and deadlines, please see the rules.

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