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Welcome to the first edition of William & Mary’s Center for Legal & Court Technology (CLCT) Artificial Intelligence (AI) newsletter. As a student publication supervised by CLCT faculty and staff, we anticipate publishing one issue per semester covering ways in which AI-related issues may affect courts, attorneys, and the general practice of law. CLCT’s primary mission is to improve the world’s legal systems through appropriate technology. At CLCT, students, faculty, and staff conduct research to determine the likely effects of technology on the legal professions and practice. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for future newsletter topics (

Issue 1


Welcome to the CLCT AI Newsletter

Overview of this edition’s topics:


  • IP Concerns with ChatGPT
  • Revolution or Routine? The Possible Impacts of ChatGPT on Legal Practice

William & Mary Law Symposium: Problematic Artificial Intelligence

  • From Principles to Principals – Establishing Safe Harbors and Regulating the Ethical Development of Artificial Intelligence Systems
  • Data Poisoning

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