Court Affiliates


The Court Affiliates Program, part of the Center for Legal & Court Technology (CLCT), is a court network with a shared mission: to employ useful, efficient, and economical legal technology to enhance the administration of justice. Using the CLCT-managed McGlothlin Courtroom as its hub, the Affiliates work to minimize unnecessary duplication of effort, conserve financial and personnel resources, and promote compliance with the legal and pragmatic needs of the courts and those they serve. Through their mutual cooperative efforts, the Court Affiliates act to determine best practices and disseminate them among the member courts, and as appropriate, other legal organizations.

The Court Affiliates program is designed to serve as an interactive information exchange system offering opportunities to understand, discuss, and tackle the latest issues courts face. Among other matters, the Program will monitor legal developments related to new technologies such as artificial intelligence, social media, as well as more traditional topics including courtroom design, ethics, and privacy and electronically accessible court information.

The new Court Affiliates Website has been designed for judges, court administrators, and technologists to share and obtain critical legal, technical, and practical information. The Court Affiliates program is open to all courts.


2018/2019 Membership fee is $50, and includes:

  • 25% discount on all CLCT training courses
  • 25% discount on all CLCT conferences
  • 25% discount on annual Court Affiliates conference
  • Access to the Court Affiliates website
  • Periodic webinars
  • New member orientation


**Save the Date** – the 2019 Court Affiliates conference will take place on May 20-21, 2019 at William & Mary Law School in Williamsburg, VA.


To learn more about the program, please contact Mary Beth M. Poma, Associate Director for Operations and Administration, at (757) 221-2228 or

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