About us

The Center for Legal and Court Technology (CLCT) is a non-profit research, education, and consulting organization that works to improve the administration of justice through the use of technology. We aim to assist all members of the legal profession, from courts and government agencies to judges and lawyers.

Beginning officially in 1993 as the Courtroom 21 Project, CLCT is a joint initiative of William & Mary Law School and the National Center for State Courts. Since our beginning, we have worked hard to accomplish our mission: To improve the world’s legal systems through the appropriate use of technology.

We are known for the McGlothlin Courtroom at William & Mary Law School: the world’s most technologically advanced trial and appellate courtroom and classroom.

CLCT works worldwide. We support the Court Affiliates Program: a network of state, federal, and non-US courts that seek to use courtroom technology more effectively and successfully. CLCT hosts the Court Affiliates’ Conference, giving those institutions a forum to address legal, administrative, and technological issues.

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