Problematic AI: Finding the Best Way Forward

February 10, 2023

Join The Center for Legal & Court Technology at William & Mary Law School for a hybrid conference on AI’s challenges, current and proposed legislation, regulations, and policies, and what we should do next. Top representatives from Academia, Government, Industry, and the courts with disciplines in Law, Computer Science and Ethics will address the following key topics:

  1. What is the current state of AI predictive analytics and how can it deliver erroneous results?
  2. How can we detect subtle erroneous results?
  3. How are companies and policymakers managing risk?
  4. What risk gaps remain and how best to address them?

The panelist presentations will be followed by a conference workshop for questions, ideas, and discussion both in-person and remote. We look forward to your attendance and discussion of the future of AI!

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Fredric Lederer, Problematic AI – When Should We Use It? — ALI Social Impact Review

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