Digital Audio/Video Training Course – October 15-17, 2018

The Center for Legal and Court Technology is offering its Digital Audio/Video Training Course, geared towards court technologists.

This course focuses on aspects specific to federal, state and local courts. Highlights of the training include:

  • Analysis of the infrastructure requirements, methods of configuration management, and network management protocols.
  • Presentation of the components to a digital audio system and basic acoustical issues prominent in the courtroom environment.
  • Addressing the forms of remote communication for witnesses, judges, interpreters and other parties common to the legal platform.
  • Discussion of the various components of a control system, operational interface, and how to plan a suitable control system for your court.

Further details can be found on the Legal and Technology Training pages.


Contact Mary Beth Dalton at, or 757-221-2494 with any questions or to learn more about this event.

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