The Center for Legal and Court Technology is an entrepreneurial public service initiative of William & Mary School of Law and the National Center for State Courts, dedicated to advancing the efficient use of technology in the administration of justice.

We are actively engaged in learning and publicizing how technology can assist in or affect the administration of justice. Our activities range from courtroom evidence presentation to the legal consequences of Artificial Intelligence and related technologies. CLCT's Laboratory Trials are a research vehicle that combines law, legal culture, technology, and human factors. Taking advantage of our research and knowledge, we also provide worldwide courtroom design consulting as well as legal technology training and advice and information to courts, governmental agencies, and private organizations including law firms.

We also provide instruction in a wide range of legal and legal technology areas, including public service law-related education programs for non-lawyers, whether high school and college students or corporate executives. Our "fairytale" trials are an entertaining way to educate elementary school students about the law.