Tort Liability for Cybersecurity Failures

October 16, 2023

The explosion in online data and the corresponding rise in cybercrime, often made possible by inadequate cybersecurity, has had significant impacts on society. Companies, in coordination with federal and state agencies, have struggled and failed to protect data, especially personal identifying information. The relief that is customarily available to the victims whose data has been stolen is of little recompense for the harm suffered.

This free hybrid symposium addresses the possible use of civil tort suits as a means to
incentivize cybersecurity. In light of history and policy, traditional tort suits for cyber security failures are made difficult if not impossible to win largely because of the speculative and often purely economic damages that stem from successful hacks.

Join us as experts from William & Mary, USC’s Gould School of Law, and the University of Montreal discuss possible tort suits and related legal remedies to foster better cybersecurity protections.

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